About Doorman Designs

My name is Alex Geriner and I make reclaimed wood furniture from architectural salvage found in New Orleans and the Gulf South. I’m 29 years old and I was born and raised in south Louisiana. Intrigued by furniture and design, I founded Doorman Designs four years ago after graduating from college in Mississippi and returning to New Orleans.

Limited by a dismal post-graduate budget, I desired to furnish my 1880s apartment with furniture that embodied the charm and grit of the Crescent City. So, I decided to start making my own furniture. My first creation: an antique headboard crafted from an old growth cypress, five panel door salvaged from a house flooded in Hurricane Katrina. I inlaid the panels with ornate, 19th century ceiling tins to give the piece more character and history. From there I started handcrafting and selling more headboards and eventually began designing a wider range of furniture including lighting, and reclaimed coffee tables and dining room tables.

The materials I use are architectural salvage with an emphasis on reclaimed wood from New Orleans homes destroyed or damaged by Katrina. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I know how much history is to be found in New Orleans’ architectural details. After Katrina, my heart broke seeing the city’s soul, flooded and ruined, and being torn down. I believe that each door, each window frame, and each piece of wood is a piece of the South that should never be lost, but saved. I like to think that I’m keeping their stories alive through my designs and furniture.

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