CITYLAB Features Alex Gernier

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, it damaged more than a million housing units—half of which were in Louisiana. Houses and shops were submerged in more than 10 feet of water. In New Orleans, more than three-quarters of residents needed their homes repaired. Other buildings were gutted, remodeled, or simply demolished. New construction removed old materials in favor of more current ones.

To Alex Geriner, a New Orleans native and founder of Doorman Designs, that meant throwing out more than just scraps of wood. “The materials have a ton of history to them, and it kind of broke my heart to see all this stuff going to waste,” he says. “I realized there is a story there that needs to be saved.”

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“A Designer Finds New Life in the Rubble of Hurricane Katrina” was originally published on December 2, 2015 by Linda Poon on The Atlantic’s CITYLAB.

Here’s some of the furniture featured in the post:

Wrought Iron Dining Table

Victorian Queen Headboard

Miro Table

Franklin Dresser

Doorman Designs

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