Specifics About Our Furniture

How to Pay

Customers can pay through the website by adding an item to their shopping cart and continuing the checkout process. You may also place an order over the phone or email to pay with a credit card or check. Please call us at 504.408.1616 or email hello@doormandesigns.com. We use secure e-commerce credit card processors for all transactions and will never store or keep your financial information.

Shipping and Delivery

All items are blanket wrapped, securely packaged, or shipped in wooden and cardboard crates. Items are typically shipped through local couriers or national freight carriers. If ordering through the website, shipping will automatically be calculated. If ordering via email or over the phone, customers will receive an invoice to pay via credit card. Once the invoice is paid, the item will then ship. If an item is damaged during shipping, do not throw away the original packaging until contacting us first. Please email hello@doormandesigns.com or call 504.408.1616 with any issues.

Refund and Exchange Policy

We offer refunds and exchanges on all orders. Unless the item is damaged in shipping, customers are responsible for any return shipping fees. When returning an item, it must arrive in the same condition in which it was received. If an item is damaged in shipping, please photograph and document the damage. All custom orders are made exactly to client’s preferences. We work extensively with customers to figure out exactly what is desired. We often send photographs, samples, and chat on the phone to figure out a perfect look. Please clarify and use explicit information when ordering or customizing.

For larger items we request at least a 50% to get started. If a customer wishes to cancel an order they must do so within 48 hours. No refunds will be given after this deadline.

No two pieces are alike, and each is designed with you in mind. Please note that the patina and characteristics will vary amongst different pieces.

Care and Maintenance

Shipping items to other parts of the country can alter the piece over time due to the different climates. Please be aware that shipping to arid, hot, colder, or tropical climates can cause old wood to dry out and crack over time. All wood and materials are properly dried, well sealed and waxed before shipping. This helps to preserve the piece from drying out, however over time it is subject to change depending on climate conditions. Placing furniture near a window or in a sunny room can cause wood tones and color to fade over time. We recommend taking precautions to avoid this. We are not responsible for pieces that change over time due to climate or conditions within your home.