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Crescent Barstool


The Crescent Stool-modern wooden bar stools made from reclaimed New Orleans wood and ash hardwood. Seat backs are intricately rounded using layers of centuries old cypress and pine salvaged from historic New Orleans homes. Available in bar or counter height.


Designed with clean lines, our Crescent stools blend beautiful reclaimed wood in to a modern look. The curved backs and seats are constructed from layers of reclaimed pine and cypress that are salvaged from historic New Orleans homes built in the late 1800s. Each one is uniquely different and is designed to capture the wood’s storied patina.


Counter Height: Seat height 25″ x 17″ wide x 18″ deep. Seat back: 38″ tall

Bar Height: Seat height 29″ x 17″ wide x 18″ deep. Seat back: 43″ tall



counter 25", bar 29"


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