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Garfield Table


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The Garfield Table-rustic coffee table inlaid with gold and reclaimed New Orleans wood. An artistic take on a classic, industrial modern style coffee table. It’s made from reclaimed wood that once belonged to a historic New Orleans homes. The wood sits atop a sleek black metal frame.


For this table we used wide planks of 2″ thick “barge board” that once belonged to a home built in the 1850s near the port of New Orleans. The intricate details and patina of this wood are accentuated with a metallic gold pigment we’ve inlaid into the cracks and delicate trails formed by beetles. Over hundreds of years, beetles would carve small trails in to the surface of the wood, creating a beautifully intricate maze of design. (Don’t worry, the wood has been properly dried, sealed, waxed and is completely insect free!)

In New Orleans this type of wood is called barge board. Its history dates back to 1803 after the United States purchased Louisiana and New Orleans from the French. After the purchase, Americans along the East Coast began to steadily migrate down to New Orleans. They built barges and floated them down river. Once here, they took apart their barges and used the wood to build their new homes. The wood used in this table dates back nearly 160 years ago and has the patina and charm to show its age.

This table measures 48″ wide x 26″ deep x 17″ high. Each piece is made to order and can be customized to your preference. For this table the gold paint can included or left off. I offer a variety of different stains and sizes. Some larger sizes may increase the price.


48" W x 26" D x 18" H, 52" W x 28" D x 18" H, 66"W x 34"D x 18"H


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