Doorman Designs Creates Custom Artist Loft for the Old No. 77 Hotel

Doorman Designs Creates Custom Artist Loft for the Old No. 77 Hotel

We just recently wrapped up a really fun and creative project for the Old No. 77 Hotel in New Orleans’ vibrant Warehouse District.

The team and I were tasked with designing and building a custom artist studio for the hotel’s annual artist in residency program. Each year dozen of artists from around the country apply to hotel’s residency program. Only one artist is picked and their mission is to live in the hotel for five weeks and use New Orleans as their inspiration for developing their art. At the end of the residency, the hotel hosts a wonderful gallery opening for the artist on Whitney’s White Linen Night.


This year’s artist was Kate Lewis from Chicago. A meticulous artist who works in graphite, charcoal, and ink, Lewis draws inspiration from architecture and the nuanced details from the world around her. The layers of New Orleans architecture is sure to offer a vast plethora of soulfully inspired work. We’ll have to wait until White Linen Night to see her debut.

Before Lewis could move in, our mission was clear-design and craft a unique space where the artist could live, create, and get inspired! Our creative gears got to rolling and we create a truly unique artist studio.


First we started with the bed and designed a multi functional space where Kate could sleep and work. The bunk bed doubles with a drawing table down below. The cool part is the continual brass ladder that acts also as a bed rail.

From there we developed a series of brightly painted shelves with a sinker cypress floating shelf below. We also outfitted the room with our popular Franklin dresser, and custom green Earhart stool. Lastly we created a cork bulletin board where Lewis could hang works and organize her collection.

For us, this was really fun new challenge to work on. We can’t wait to see the reception it gets and hope it serves as a truly inspiring space for many artists to come!


Alex Geriner

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