What makes handmade furniture better

There’s nothing quite like that perfect, hand-crafted centerpiece in your living room that just brings everything together.

As home improvement guru Bob Vila puts it, a piece of handmade furniture is “at once a practical and aesthetic purchase.”

“It graces your home, reflects who you are, and performs a specific function in your home,” he says. “A piece of fine furniture is a part of your family’s material legacy and, as such, should live beautifully today, tomorrow, and for succeeding generations. (It) has a life of its own; it imparts a special feeling, character, and personality through its design and appearance.”

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So, what is it about hand-crafted furniture that sets it apart from the rest?

  • The craftsman – You can learn a lot about the person who made your favorite hand-crafted piece just by looking at the furniture. But you should also do some research and find out for yourself who the craftsman is, what level of training he or she has and what their background is in the furniture business. It’s very likely that the person who designed your dream table or chair has spent time as an apprentice and learned skills that you just can’t pick up in design school. This will help in setting your pieces apart from ordinary, everyday furniture.
  • Handmade furniture lasts longer – Unlike mass-produced, low-cost furniture you can find at Walmart or Ikea, hand-crafted pieces are built with high-quality wood or other materials. This means they will often last for decades – or longer – and will almost always outlive the end table you bought online from Target. You’ll be able to pass it on to your children and grandchildren.
  • Custom designs – When you shop for that perfect piece at a mass-produced furniture store, you can’t tell the salesman that you’d like the piece to be a little smaller or have a nostalgic messaged etched into the side. That’s not the case if you work with a craftsman to design a custom piece. Not only will you have high-quality, long-lasting furniture, you’ll have something that’s uniquely your own.
  • Hand-crafted furniture is more environmentally sustainable – Handcrafted furniture is typically made from materials that already exist in the environment, plus, it’s likely that the materials were locally sourced instead of shipped in from overseas. Also, when mass-produced furniture is made overseas, like it so often is, the carbon footprint to get your table delivered is much higher than if you’d have purchased it from a local craftsman. Another thing to keep in mind is the volatile organic compounds you might find in composite wood plastic, paint and other items that comprise mass-produced furniture.
  • Supporting Your Local Economy – When you buy from your neighborhood craftsman, you’re ensuring that the money you spend will stay in your town and won’t go to Asia and other places where mass-produced furniture is often made. That helps to sustain your local economy.

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As you see, the list of reasons why you should buy handcrafted furniture is lengthy. Talk to Alex at Doorman Designs today about the endless options you have when ordering handcrafted furniture from Doorman Designs.



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