A True Modern Farmhouse Road Trip

This week we hit the road! Over the course of five days, we traveled the South
delivering exquisite modern Doorman Designs pieces to different farmhouses.
Farmhouse Modern is the latest trend in furniture, so we’re certainly on point!

The adventure began by heading to Inglewood Farm in Alexandria, Louisiana, about
three and a half hours northwest of our studio in New Orleans. Inglewood focuses on
raising a variety of fresh produce, meat and dairy products, grains, and nuts! They are
also the largest organic farm in Louisiana, so it really set the scene for a perfect
Farmhouse Modern Tour.

We delivered and installed some of our favorite modern pieces to the private farmhouse
on their land. The house is now complete with a Josephine bed, Franklin nightstands, Earhart barstools, and the Rustic Modern Coffee Table, perfectly suited for the home’s vibe. We worked many hours on those pieces and we’re glad to see
them home where they belong!

Next on the itinerary was Carlton Landing in Eufala, Oklahoma. After a 10 hour drive
with a truck full of furniture, we finally made it to a beautiful private residence in a resort
community on Lake Eufala. This was truly the ultimate farmhouse! The home was two
story brick home built from rough cut timber and local woods. Now it contains two
Josephine beds, a gray Wooden Queen Bed made from reclaimed wood and ceiling tin,
and Earhart barstools. We could not have imagined a better place for our pieces!


It makes us so happy to create furniture pieces for customers to enjoy across the
country. The countless hours of design, creation, delivery, and installment are worth the
smiles on our delighted customers faces when the pieces are completed. If you’re
looking for the latest in farmhouse modern decor, you know where to find us!

Alex Geriner

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