What’s in a name?

We believe that furniture should tell a story, and ours certainly does! Each of our original,
handmade furniture has a significant name with a purpose. If you’re familiar with the New Orleans
area, you may even recognize a few! #FurnitureThatTellsAStory



The Franklin Dresser

Franklin’s story originates from a collection of cypress wood reclaimed from an 1850s shotgun
home off of Franklin Avenue in the 7th ward. Much like it’s original neighborhood, the Franklin
dresser is full of personality and spunk! Alex quickly knew the piece was going to be curious and
quirky one after seeing the contrasting outer wooden shell and cypress drawers, paired with the
Doorman Designs handmade iron handles. The wood’s first home flooded during Hurricane
Katrina, and we revel in knowing it lives on as a joyous piece.

Miro Coffee Table

Miro’s story is twofold. The original piece was built from planks of reclaimed cypress that came
from a row of shotgun homes at the intersection of Miro and St. Anthony Streets. The wood had
been up for over 130 years and was high enough to escape Katrina’s flood waters. At the same
time, the Miro Table has a hand made mirrored top incorporated into the design. So wood
found on Miro Street with mirrors…hence Miro!

Bermuda Table

Bermuda is a street nestled in the heart of Algiers Point, a quaint but vibrant neighborhood just
across the Mississippi River that reminds us of tropical islands. The Bermuda table is an
intricate piece inspired by teak ship hatches found on old timey pirate ships and luxury liners.
The name Bermuda ties in perfectly with this coastal themed piece!

Earhart Stool

What do you think of when you look at the Earhart stool? We first thought of a NASA space
probe like the Voyager or Sputnik series. They just look like they’re just ready spin out of control
and light into orbit! Amelia Earhart was a pioneer of trying new adventures, and the Earhart
design was exactly that for us at Doorman Designs. As soon as we finished the first prototype of
this stool, we knew Earhart was the name.

Alex Geriner

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